The vast majority of our products are designed for all areas of the industry, standing out for their complete range of solutions to all general needs and compliance with the most well-known standards and certifications.

Renewable Energies

As specialists in cable routing and management, in recent years we have developed specific products for this growing sector, thus facilitating the rapid installation and safety of large renewable energy projects.


Several of our products are part of the special range for robotics and other dynamic automation applications, where flexibility, abrasion resistance or fast installation must be prioritized.


The rapid expansion of telecommunications makes this sector one of the most dynamic and demanding sectors for new developments, which is why several of our products are adapted to the particular conditions of, for example, Data Processing Centres.


Our high level of service, production and logistical capacity, and customer-oriented technical service enables us to perfectly serve this sector in which fast delivery due to tight deadlines is vital.


The high demands of the railway sector have led us to incorporate into our catalogue several products specifically designed and certified to be installed in railway stations and infrastructures as well as inside and outside the rolling stock.  

Power source

The sanitary and high quality requirements of these sectors have led us to design specific products in order to meet the particular demands such as cleaning needs, high chemical resistance or the challenges of proper identification.